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Artisan 688 Specs.


        Artisan 688 Specifications

evenheat circle large red 100 x 100 at 7

Chamber Dimensions



Outer Dimensions

Maximum Temperature


Shipping Weight

Shipping Method

8" Deep x 8" Wide x 6" High - 0.22 Cubic Feet

(20.3cm Deep x 20.3cm Wide x 15.2cm High - 6.3L)

" Deep x " Wide x " High

(cm Deep x cm Wide x cm High)

2000°F (1093°C)

120 Volts, 12 Amps, 1440 Watts, 60Hz, Single Phase

Power Cord Plug Configuration - NEMA 5-15

Consult with an electrician for proper fuse panel, service wire size, receptacle, and fusing requirements. This model, used for its intended and expected purpose, would not be defined as "continuous use". Continuous use is defined as continuous, full power on for 3+ hours.


Model is available in 240V

Model will operate properly on both 50Hz and 60Hz

​Model not available in 3 phase Delta or Y designs

40lb. (18Kg) - Approx.


Artisan  models may contain chemicals known to the State of Calfornia to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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