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Fire Away

We offer a variety of accessories to help make your kiln work more enjoyable and rewarding.

You'll find tabletop and wall-mounted controls used to automate your existing manual or custom kiln. These controls are available in a variety of control, voltage and amperage designs.

We also offer TAP retrofit kits that allow you to convert your older control to the latest touchscreen design.

We haven't forgotten the shelves and posts and host of other furniture for heat treating, glass work and ceramics.


        TAP Table Top Control


The TAP Table Top Control is used to automate an existing, manually controlled or custom kiln. Simply plug your manually controlled kiln into the TAP Table Top Control and insert the controls thermocouple into your kiln and you're ready to fire automatically.

The TAP Controller features a touchscreen design that offers a large screen with full text . All commands and menu items are legible, easy to read and easy to operate. Simply respond to the screen with a touch.

TAP Table Top Controller, 120V, 15A, NEMA 5-15 plug/receptacle configuration, mechanical relay operation (not solid state).

You can purchase the TAP Table Top Control here:

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        Wall Mounted Controls


Wall Mounted Controls are complete control packages that are mounted off of the kiln itself. Wall Mounts are perfect for automating existing manually controlled kilns and custom kiln builds.

Connection is simple as the Wall Mount control is connected to the power source and the existing or custom built kiln is connected to the Wall Mount control. Insert the thermocouple and you're ready to go.

We offer the Wall Mount controls in a variety of voltage and amperage designs as well as controller styles.

Please note that wall mount controls pair up nicely with completely manually operated kilns. They will not pair up successfully with older kilns that use special timing circuits in their designs. This includes Evenheat TnB and Fyrematic series, Paragon SNF series and most Duncan's and we're sure a few more. Please contact Evenheat for advice if you are unsure of the controls on your kiln.

Check out all of our Wall Mount Control packages here:

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        TAP Control Retro-fit Kits


The TAP touchscreen control has taken the concept of the kiln controller a new level. So much so that people are wanting to convert their existing kiln and oven controls to the TAP.


With this is mind we offer the TAP Control Retro-fit kits. Conversion is very simple and very effective!

You can purchase the TAP Control Retro-fit Kit here:

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        Shelves & Posts


We offer a wide variety of shelves, posts and complete furniture kits for all of our kilns and ovens.

View and purchase them here:

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