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Quiet Drive Solid State Relay System by Evenheat
Evenheat is a proud sponsor of "Kinfe Talk" a podcast for kinfe makers. Hosted by Craig from Chop Knives featuring a specialguest each episode
Tip to Tang Long Blade LB Series. Side element heat treat design.
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Zero Fail 6 small.jpg
TAP Control
Shop Evenheat. Original Factory Parts and Accessories
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Zero Fail 5 years.jpg
TAP Controller featuring touchscreen technology. Touchscreen, wifi enabled, graphical firing view, pre-loaded firing schedules, software updates
Tip to Tang Long Blade LB Series
Quiet Drive Solid State Relay System. Longer heating element life, enhanced performance, unlimited life, no relays to replace
Control freaks rejoice. Special Limits TC Chromel Alumel
Genesis Control. Begin your next cration with a Genesis.
California Republic Proposition 65 Warning
Relay Access Port. Relay access made easy.
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