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GTS Series

The GTS Series represent Evenheat's original glass kiln design of top loading, full brick construction. Our newest GTS 41 model does include a fiber lid for faster speed and lightweight.

The GTS Series models are available in price conscious packages all the way up to fully-loaded versions.

They are suitable for private studios and commercial operations and are capable of slumping, draping, fusing, painting and casting.


GTS models are available in a variety of control choice options as well as the solid state output option (which you want).

See below for available models and check out the Features tab for in-depth details on all GTS Series features.

GTS Models


        GTS 18


The GTS 18 is our smallest GTS model. It takes up less floor space yet performs with the same confidence and strength as our larger models.

Shown with optional 16" stand.

17.5" Diameter x 13.5" Deep

240V, 27A, 6480W

1800°F Maximum Temperature

View Full Specs Here

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        GTS 23


The GTS 23 has been on the glass firing line since the beginning. Its large size and ample power make it a favorite for personal and professional studios. Small pieces can be loaded in volume while relatively large pieces can be created.

Shown with optional Dyna-Lift and 16" stand.

23.5" Diameter x  13.5" Deep

240V, 30A, 7200W

1800°F Maximum Temperature

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        GTS 2541


Evenheat's GTS 2541 is the original large, oval shaped kiln that continues to lead the way in performance and design.

The GTS 2541 features our TAP,  Rampmaster or Set-Pro controls and is standard equipped with our exclusive Swing View Adjustable Viewing and Dyna-Lift Lid Lift.


Order yours with our Quiet Drive Solid State output option for tight temperature control and longer element life.

Shown with optional 16" stand.

25.25" Long x 41" Wide x 13.5" Deep

240V, 40A, 9600W

1800°F Maximum Temperature

View Full Specs Here

        GTS 41


The GTS 41 is Evenheat's largest top loading glass kiln. The firing chamber dimensions exactly match the Studio Pro 41 to give you a large, uninterrupted firing surface.

The lid on the GTS 41 is constructed of fiber for lightweight and fast operation. heating elements are surface mounted for maximum heat transfer and efficiency.

Shown with optional 16" stand.

25.25" Long x 40.5" Wide x 13.5" Deep

240V, 45A, 10,800W

1800°F Maximum Temperature

View Full Specs Here

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Specifications subject to change without notice or obligation.




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