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The TAP is our premier temperature controller: its wonderfully simple operation, excellent control capability and well laid-out touchscreen just rock. The TAP is, by far, the best performing and best selling ceramic kiln temperature control.

Nowhere is simple-use more evident than in the single touch needed to access your ceramic firing schedules. Just touch the Start key and all of your schedules are immediately displayed for selection. Schedules are displayed in full, easy to read text.

The TAP comes preloaded with multiple ceramic firing schedules as well as virtually unlimited space for your custom schedules. Creating your custom ceramic firing schedules is easy and relaxed. The TAP walks you through the process with on-screen displays and text that are easily understood and followed. Once created, your schedules stay as long as you want them. The TAP has lots of room so feel free to create as many as you wish.

Temperature control is tight and on the mark. Overshoot and ripple are kept to a bare minimum, particularly when coupled with our Quiet Drive Solid State output. Consistency is not an issue as the TAP performs reliably time after time.

The manufacturer of the TAP (SDS Industries) has created an App for the TAP which is available in both iOS and Android. Access to the app is available through the TAP's built-in USB Wi-Fi or Ethernet ports.

app is available through the TAP's built-in USB Wi-Fi or Ethernet ports.

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        Rampmaster II


The Rampmaster II is our traditional full featured control designed for ceramics and features a 4 digit display. The Rampmaster II features our Cone Fire Mode for easy and effortless ceramic programming. Simply choose your cone number and firing speed and the Rampmaster II automatically creates your ceramic firing program.

The Rampmaster II also allows the artist to develop up to 6 individual firing programs using Ramp Mode programming for full artistic control of all firing parameters. Each firing program offers up to 8 segments per program. The Rampmaster II also contains a group of special features designed to enhance your firing experience.

The Rampmaster II control will work with our Quiet Drive Solid State Relay System.

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If you're familiar with programming the Rampmaster you'll love the Genesis. The Genesis pairs up existing Rampmaster technology with a touchscreen.

Like the Rampmaster, the Genesis contains 12 open positions to store your custom programs. Simply load your custom program into the run position and proceed to edit and modify. You can name your new custom program with up to 16 characters. Once created and saved the custom program remains in the default position for easy, repeated use.

The Genesis control will work with our Quiet Drive Solid State Relay System.

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