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High Fire Features


        Cone 10 Daily


High Fire Series models are built to achieve cone 10 on a daily basis.

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        Swing View Control Enclosure


All temperature controls are fitted into our Swing View Adjustable Enclosure.


The Swing View is a pivoting, swing-up enclosure that allows you to rotate the control to a comfortable viewing and programming angle. Once you're done, lay it back down to see it from across the shop. It's that simple.


The swing view pairs well with TAP touchscreen control as viewing angle can be perfectly aligned. You'll love it.

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        Quiet Drive Solid State Relay Option


High Fire models are available with our optional Quiet Drive Solid State Relay System.

It's the job of the relay to turn the heating elements On and Off. A solid state relay can do so up to 120 times per second which allows for incredible temperature control. It also does so without the given, eventual failure of a mechanical relay. We fully expect our solid state relay to last the life of the unit.

We have more to tell you about our solid state relay, our design choices and why you should choose the solid state option. Just click below.

View our Quiet Drive Solid State Relay Info Here

        Multiple Control Options


Evenheat works closely with control manufacturers SDS Industries and Bartlett Instruments to bring you the best in performance, features and programming ease.

High Fire Series models are available with the very popular TAP touchscreen control by SDS Industries as well as the Rampmaster II and Genesis by Bartlett Instrument.

There's a lot more to know about our controls. Just click below.

View our Controls Info Here


        Relay Access Port


All High Fire models incorporate our Relay Access Port for simple, no-panel-off relay replacement.

Simply remove the access plate to gain access to the relay. There's no need to remove the control panel and dig into the internal wiring. It's absolutely simple and effective and all it takes is a screwdriver!

It's a given that mechanical relays will fail at some point. This relay access port really comes in handy when they do.

        Dyna-Lift Lid Lift Assist


All High Fire models are standard equipped with our Patented Dyna-Lift lid lift assist.

The Dyna-Lift lightens the force needed to operate the kiln lid. It does so with ease and grace and with no negative effects upon the kiln itself.

Hallmarks of the design include no kiln body connection, single point lifting and emphasis on allowing the lid to act naturally.

Competing lid lift designs attach the lifting mechanism directly on the kiln itself. This places all lifting forces on the kiln chamber which severely weakens and damages the chamber over time. Our Dyna-Lift takes a different course by directing all lifting forces to the kiln stand itself.

The Dyna-Lift is the No Damage Lid Lift Assist!

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        Swing-away Peephole Covers


Our kiln designs feature swing-away peephole covers as opposed to plugs.


Plugs get lost and they get broken. Our attached peephole covers remain on the kiln and simply swing open and closed. You won't lose them and they certainly won't break.

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        Multi-Zone Control


High Fire models are equipped with Multi-zone control.

Multi-zone control uses a number of temperature sensors to develop and maintain an equal temperature throughout the firing chamber.

Multi-zone provides accurate and predictable results regardless of load volume.

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        3" Firebrick


High Fire models are constructed entirely of high quality, US domestic 3" firebrick. That's what makes them High Fire!

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        Wonderful Handles


We love handles. Handles have to be properly sized and shaped for the job. Our lid handles makes this point by offering an 13" handle that's easy to grasp and operate. These wide, corner mounted handle allows for confident and easy lifting, even with a gloved hand. It's unlike any other and it's a joy to use.

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        2 Position Lid Vents


High Fire models are equipped with  2 position lid vents.

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        Lid Security Bar


High Fire models are provided with a lid prop bar that positively keeps the lid in the open position. Simple one handed operation is made even easier with our well designed lid handle.

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        Single Maintenance Line


At Evenheat we believe in solid stainless jacket design. Solid jackets mean absolutely strong construction, no gaps, no shifting and built for the long haul.


We do build our deep 27" High Fire models with what we call a maintenance line. This split allows the chamber to be partially disassembled for maintenance and delivery.


The Maintenance Line is held securely in place through the use of stainless steel plates and screws. Simply remove the screws and separate the sections for maintenance or installation.


We do not use buckles to hold the sections together as they tend to loosen and allow shifting during loading, unloading and use.

Specifications subject to change without notice or obligation.




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