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KO 49.5 Extreme Final.jpg

KF Extreme Depth

Go deep with Evenheat's KF Extreme Depth Series Ovens.

Our Extreme Depth models are available in depths from 31.5" all the way up to 49.5". They feature dual doors and share the side-element-only design of the LB Series for phenomenal temperature distribution.

Users include sword makers, volume knife and heat treaters, Damascus steel makers and anyone needing lots of real estate.

The KF Extreme's are available in a variety of control choice options as well as the solid state output option (which you want).

See below for available models and check out the Features tab for in-depth details on all KF Extreme Depth Series features.

We offer the LB models in 3 depths: 31.5", 36", 40.5, 45"and 49.5". Please visit our Specifications page for detailed information.

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