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KF Accessories

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        MK2 Blade Fixture


Our blade fixtures were designed specifically to hold your blades vertically and securely. They're stable and are designed to provide ample space for foil wrap inflation.

Our MK 2 Blade Fixture is designed to fit the KF Series chambers.

You can purchase the MK2 Blade Fixture here:

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        Loud Alarm


Cut through your shop noise with our Loud Alarm Option. The Loud Alarm sounds at an irritatingly loud 80db. It will definitely get your attention so you'll never miss the opportunity to properly quench again.

If your KF was built after mid-April 2014 (Serial #107120 and higher) it contains a built-it in alarm jack for this optional loud alarm. Simply attach the loud alarm to your control enclosure and plug it in!

You can purchase the Loud Alarm here:

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