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LB Build Options


        Power Interrupt Switch


Our optional power interrupt switch removes power from all heating elements as the door is opened and reapplies power as the door is closed.

The switch used for this feature is a true safety switch and is designed specifically for safety applications. Those wishing to enter the oven during use should strongly consider requesting this option as an added measure of safety.

        Voltage Options


Our default production for LB Series models is 240V, Single Phase.


We do offer to build LB Series models​ in 200V, 208V, 220V and 230V by request.

All controls available on the LB Series models will operate properly on both 50Hz and 60Hz line frequencies. To say it another way, line frequency has no effect. It doesn't matter.

Evenheat recommends that you check your operating voltage before ordering or placing the oven in service.


        Voltage Phase Options


LB Series models are produced in a single phase design only.

3 phase Delta and Y (380V, 400V and 415V) designs are not available.

3 phase designs require the circuit be divided into 3 loads or circuits, as it were. The LB Series models contain 1 heating circuit (albeit comprised of 3 heating elements). So, no-go on that.


Specifications subject to change without notice or obligation.




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