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Kingpin 88 Features


        Angled Control for Comfortable Use


Because the Kingpin 88 is designed for studio bench placement we angled the Set-Pro control for friendly viewing and programming. It's easy to operate from the standing or sitting positions.


It's a thoughtful design feature and a detail you expect from Evenheat.


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        Bead Door Options


The Kingpin 88 is offered with a bead door for those who also want to anneal glass beads. The bead doors on the Kingpin 88 feature a wide 7-1/2" opening as well as 15 mandrel teeth for maximum use.


The bead door also features a soft, flexible fiber seal that forms slightly around the bead mandrel for added stability.


        Embedded Heating Elements


The heating elements of the Kingpin 88 are completely embedded within the chamber fiber for safety. Especially important with Bead Door equipped models.

The heating elements of the Kingpin 88 are located along the left and right side of the firing chamber. This design provides for excellent temperature distribution throughout the kiln.

You'll love the results.

        Set-Pro Control with Metal Clay Presets


The Set-Pro is our 3 button control and features preset metal clay programs (18 total) as well as custom programming.

We've loaded up the Set-Pro control with 18 preset metal clay programs Metal Adventures, Art Clay, PMC and Prometheus brands of metal clay. We've even included 4 user programs that allow you to create and store your own custom programs.

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        Standard Household Plug


The Kingpin 88 is designed for use on standard household voltage and current. Simply plug into any dedicated household receptacle and you're ready to go.


        Cool Touch Door Handle


We've designed the Kingpin 88 with a non-metallic, Cool-Touch handle that stays cool throughout the firing process.


        Sizable Firing Chamber


The Kingpin 88's firing chamber is "personal studio" sized allowing the artist room to fire multiple pieces at once.

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        Well Ventilated Enclosure


The enclosure on the Kingpin 88 is well ventilated to keep internal control components cool and operating properly.

Strategically placed inner baffles act as additional protection against heat.

Longer life, high reliability: solid design makes a difference.

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        Vented Chamber with Plug


The firing chamber of the Kingpin 88 is vented and is equipped with a vent plug. Venting is desirable during many heat processes, particularly lost wax casting.

Specifications subject to change without notice or obligation.




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