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Replacing mechanical relays is part of owning a non-solid state controlled kiln. At some point the relays will fail and need service. Usually this means opening up the control enclosure and digging through the wiring. Not anymore. As of 2016, Evenheat has designed in a "Relay Access Port" to make replacing of service parts like relays easy and reliable.


Normally the entire control panel is either removed or hinged to provide access to the mechanical relays. There had to be a better way that didn't involve digging into and rooting around the control panel. The Relay Access Port is that better way.

As detailed in the images below, the user simply removes the plate to gain access to the service part. There's no need to remove or swing the entire control panel out of the way and dig into the internal wiring. It's absolutely simple and effective and all it takes is a simple screwdriver! The relay access port is designed into all of our kiln control enclosure designs.

While we're on the subject of mechanical relay replacement we would suggest you have a good look at our Quiet Drive Solid State design when ordering your new kiln or oven. We fully expect that you should never have to replace the solid state relay, ever.


Relay Access Port

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