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TAP Control


All Salt Bath models are equipped

exclusively with the TAP Control

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Evenheat salt bath kilns are built exclusively with the TAP control. The TAP utilizes a touchscreen that's very easy to navigate and understand with all operations displayed in word form.

The TAP control features a thermocouple switching function for reliable and safe salt bath use. When the heat treat process is started, the TAP uses the temperature of the firing chamber to control from. The chamber temperature is a steady and reliable point from which to control as the salts in the salt pot are solid at the beginning of the process. Once the salts in the salt bath become molten (liquid) the TAP is switched over (by the user) to the immersion thermocouple for precise salt bath temperature control. It's a very useful and reliable feature that only the TAP control can offer.

The TAP control features an Over-temp (high-limit) thermocouple circuit that aborts the heat treat process if the temperature exceeds the process temperature. This over-temp circuit adds a level of safety not found in other controls.

Setting up the TAP for use is a very simple process that requires a single press of the Start key to get things rolling.While running, the TAP displays current temperature and thermocouple selection (chamber or immersion) in a large, easy to read format. It's easily seen from across your shop or work area.


Evenheat salt bath kilns are standard equipped with solid state relays for high reliability. The TAP control has been specifically designed to operate these solid state relays.


evenheat circle large red 100 x 100 at 7
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SB 818 Swing View.jpg