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Studio Pro Features

Front Access

Top Access

Wall-Free Design

Quiet Drive Solid State Relay Option

Swing View Control Enclosure

Fiber Lid Construction

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        Front Access


One of the defining features of the Studio Pro design is its Front Access. Simply lift the chamber away to expose the entire floor.


Front access is perfect for glass placement, particularly with glass that can't be disturbed once placed. Simply build on your shelf and close the chamber. Front access is also great when using manipulation tools that require a horizontal approach such as raking or glass roll ups.

        Top Access


All Studio Pro models also have top access as part of our Dual Access design!


Top access is excellent for venting. Top access also works very well when loading forms and comes in very handy when using manipulation tools that require a vertical approach such as glass embossing.

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        Wall-Free Design


With front access, the Studio Pro kilns offer the artist a wall-free work surface.


The wall-free design provides wide open space for the precision placement of your glass. There's nothing to fight or work around. It's an incredible design feature that further defines the Studio Pro Series.

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        Swing View Control Enclosure


All temperature controls, except for the Set-Pro, are fitted into our Swing View Adjustable Enclosure.


The Swing View is a pivoting, swing-up enclosure that allows you to rotate the control to a comfortable viewing and programming angle. Once you're done, lay it back down to see it from across the shop. It's that simple.


The swing view pairs well with TAP touchscreen control as viewing angle can be perfectly aligned. You'll love it.

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        Fiber Lid Construction


Our lids are constructed of a special fiber material that provides excellent thermal properties along with light weight. This design allows the heating elements to be positioned on the surface for maximum heat transfer and firing efficiency. We also position these lid heating elements left to right to prevent them from sagging or bunching-up with repeated opening and closing. It's a small but important detail that guarantees performance and satisfaction over the life of the kiln.

These well engineered lids uses a variety of design principles to deliver strength, material support and flex where needed. Strength is provided by the center lid truss and the shrewd use of metal bends. Material support is accomplished via a matrix of refractory rods and buttons. Flex is properly found in the stainless band ringing the lid itself. It works very well.

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        Quiet Drive Solid State Relay Option


All of our large Studio Pro models are available with our optional Quiet Drive Solid State Relay.

It's the job of the relay to turn the heating elements On and Off. A solid state relay can do so up to 120 times per second which allows for incredible temperature control. It also does so without the given, eventual failure of a mechanical relay. We fully expect our solid state relay to last the life of the unit.

We have more to tell you about our solid state relay, our design choices and why you should choose the solid state option. Just click below.

View our Quiet Drive Solid State Relay Info Here

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        Relay Access Port


All Studio Pro models incorporate our Relay Access Port for simple, no-panel-off relay replacement.

Simply remove the access plate to gain access to the relay(s). There's no need to remove the control panel and dig into the internal wiring. It's absolutely simple and effective and all it takes is a screwdriver!

It's a given that mechanical relays will fail at some point. This relay access port really comes in handy when they do.

        Spring Lift Assist


To assist in front opening Studio Pro models include a spring assist feature. These well designed mechanisms travel cleanly and do not pull the artist into the kiln like lesser designs.

In the heat of battle you need a smooth and anxious-free movement and the Studio Pro spring lift assist delivers.

        Multiple Control Options


Evenheat works closely with control manufacturers SDS Industries and Bartlett Instruments to bring you the best in performance, features and programming ease.

The Studio Pro models are available with the very popular TAP touchscreen control by SDS Industries as well as the Rampmaster 3 and Set-Pro by Bartlett Instrument.

There's a lot more to know about our controls. Just click below.

View our Controls Info Here

        Power Interrupt Switch


The Studio Pro models are standard equipped with a power interrupt switch which removes electrical power from all heating elements if either the lid or chamber is opened.


This is important for those who may access the kiln during firing such as glass manipulation and roll-ups.

        Excellent Handles


We've fitted our Studio Pro models with two wonderfully wide and sturdy bar handles. These corner mounted handles are placed well away from the kiln for easy operation. you'll enjoy using them.

If you're familiar with Evenheat you know we love handles. Handles provide access and they should be designed for the job, be comfortable and easy to use.

        Stout Hinge Design

The Studio Pro chamber pivots are secured to the base of the kiln, not the floor. This strong and sturdy pivot supports the load easily and is reinforced internally for exceptional strength.

This chamber pivot is critical to the overall performance and life of the kiln. It's the details that make Evenheat "Better by Design".

        Chamber Safety Bar

The Studio Pro models are equipped with a Chamber Safety Bar. The Chamber Safety Bar prevents the chamber from closing without direct action from the user.

When opened, the Studio Pro chambers rest naturally on the hinges and do not require support from any additional devises, including the chamber safety bar. This purposeful design feature allows the entire load of the chamber to be supported without adding uneccessary strain that only weakens.

Better by Design, in all we do.

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