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The TAP control has established itself as Evenheat's premier temperature control. From its easy to use touchscreen layout to its phenomenal solid state control ability the TAP excels at all levels. The TAP was very well received when we introduced it in 2016 and has proven itself ever since.

Touchscreen Design

The defining feature of the TAP Controller is the touchscreen design that offers a large screen and visual ease. Viewing and use are enhanced by full text displays, including firing schedule titles, schedule development and selection, temperature set points and beyond. Everything is clearly legible and understandable.

The TAP Controller menu driven software is well laid out, logical and very intuitive. All operations present themselves well and nothing is cryptic or hidden. Simply respond to the screen menu with a touch! Our experience with the TAP is that we receive the fewest amount of questions on how to use it compared to our other controls. It's that awesome and that easy.

During standby and run operations the TAP Controller displays large format, high contrast screens that display kiln temperature and current state. These large displays can be seen and understood from across the shop or studio. There's no guessing or moving in close to view.

Wonderfully Simple

The TAP Controller allows the choice of using pre-loaded firing schedules (glass and ceramic) or creating your own custom firing schedules. We would note that we do not offer pre-loaded firing schedules for heat treating. Heat treating temperatures and hold times seem to be very personal choices and nailing down presets occurred to us as an exercise in futility.

Firing schedule creation consists of deciding on a firing schedule name, entering in the firing data and saving. It's wonderfully simply and always in a format that can be read and understood. The TAP Controller allows for a virtually unlimited number of firing schedules which means you're free to create any number of specific programs and store them for future use.

Once created and saved firing schedules are easily modified if desired. Simply choose to modify the schedule and have at it. The TAP Controller will display all of the firing schedule data on the touchscreen for inspection and modification. It's all there in a legible and easy to understand form.

The TAP doesn't stop there. Glass artists will find that during an actual firing the TAP offers on-the-fly changes including adjusting set point temperatures, hold times and skipping ahead. As with all control features, these on-the-fly changes are easily managed and displayed in full text. The TAP Controller also creates a visual graph of the kilns chamber temperature during the firing. This graph allows the artist to monitor the history of the firing as it takes place.

High Performance

The TAP Controller utilizes a Proportional Integral-Derivative (PID) control algorithm to ensure accurate schedule following with the fastest response, minimal overshoot, and limited steady state error. We couple that with our special limits, low error thermocouple components for excellent control performance.

Evenheat worked closely with SDS Industries to develop software designed specifically for use with our Quiet Drive Solid State Relay System. Temperature control decisions are made in fractions of a second with the solid state relay following along effortlessly. We highly recommend pairing the TAP with our Quiet Drive Solid State Relay System.

Kiln error information and diagnostics features are designed to keep you informed and on top of any kiln component failure or potential failure. Preventative maintenance settings allow you to monitor relay, thermocouple and heating element use for possible replacement before a problem arises.

Diagnostics provide a real-time look into the usage of critical kiln components. From the diagnostics screen, you can view the actual number of relay actuations, the amount of time the heating elements have been on, and the amount of time the thermocouples have been exposed to high temperatures.

The TAP Controller monitors many functions, among them is your actual cost per firing. Simply enter your cost per kilowatt hour and the wattage of your kiln. The TAP Controller uses this information to calculate a realistic approximation of the cost of your electrical usage for your firing schedules.


Wi-Fi and More

A TAP Controller app is available for iOS devices and is accessible using an Evenheat or SDS Industries supplied USB dongle or, if you prefer, an Ethernet connection. The TAP app allows the user to monitor the kiln, develop and edit programs and perform TAP Controller functions from a networked iOS compatible computer, tablet or mobile device.

Evenheat has designed the TAP Controller for direct access to the USB and Ethernet ports. There's no need to disassemble the kiln to access these ports. These ports are readily accessible from the outside of the controller package, simply plug in and go. Proper design and execution, it's what you expect and get from Evenheat.

Software updates will be available on a semi-annual or as-needed basis and are downloaded to the TAP Controller via a USB thumb drive, Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. Updating is fast and simple and will give you the latest in features, themes and functionality.

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