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LB Series Knife/Heat Treat Ovens - Side Element Only Design


The LB Series side-element-only design was inspired by culinary and long-blade makers as well as the knife making community as a whole.


Knife makers needed to use the entire length of the chamber without overheating their blades at the back wall. We took a fresh look at our heat treat oven designs, removed the rear wall element and created the side element only LB Series.

The results are incredible: front to back temperature distribution is dead-nut. Whether you're making culinary, tactical, fixed blades, folders, doing gun work or something else entirely, the LB Series sets the new standard!

The LB Series represents the ultimate mix of bladesmith input and Evenheat design. The LB is quite simply the finest heat treat oven on the planet!

A special thanks to culinary blademakers Bill Burke and Geoff Feder for their design advice and prototype testing.


A shout-out as well to the knife making community for the prodding, constructive criticism and encouragement. Keep it coming.

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