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Evenheat introduced the Quiet Drive Solid State Relay System in the Spring of 2016. Since that time we have built thousands of kilns and ovens equipped with this design. We have yet to experience a single report of failure.*

Relays are the devices that turn the heating elements on and off. They get used and abused, rode hard, put away wet and do the heavy lifting, as it were.

Traditional mechanical relays can put up with this for a while but at some point they fail. When they do fail, they always seem to at the worst possible moment. Are they a pain to replace? Yeah, no, kinda, maybe, not really, sort of. It's not so much the act of doing it, it's the fact that you have to that stinks.

Solid state relays are different, they have no moving parts and, if properly applied, will last the life of the kiln. Solid state is the new standard in kiln power-driving systems and we make these systems bullet-proof.

We offer our Quiet Drive Solid State Relay System on just about every kiln and oven model we make. When it comes time to get your kiln or oven order it with Quiet Drive Solid State.


Zero Fail, 6 Years and Counting.

* We did experience 1 failure in the Spring of 2022. This failure was traced to a bad connection to the solid state relay and not the solid state relay itself. Basically we didn't tighten the connection properly. Our bad! We have since cancelled the employee, hacked his bank accounts, hid his Spiderman cup, sold his dog and clogged up his plumbing. We're pretty sure he got the message.

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